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The crowd that showed up for Bob's HOT PAINT launch at Dutton's Bookstore in Brentwood filled Doug Dutton's popular emporium and, later, waited patiently in line as Bob signed copies.




Faces in the Crowd
Muhammad Ali's youngest daughter, May May
Actress, producer and eternal sex icon June Wilkinson
Macey Lipman, publisher of Lip Service Magazine, and his wife, Ruthie
Brian and Katie Finck, who haven't missed a Levinson launch yet
Author Tom Sawyer, who switched to writing mysteries and "how to" books on writing  after years of success on TV, including a stint as writer-producer of Murder She Wrote.
Author John Shannon, taking a brief recess from knocking out his next best-seller
Bob finishes signing copies of HOT PAINT under the watchful eye of Dutton's Tony, who organized the evening and kept it running smoothly.
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