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"Did Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe have a secret love affair? Finding out is half the fun. The other half is reading one of the funniest, sexiest, and best-written novels to come along in years; the words dance and sing on the page, the dialogue is often side-splitting. Robert S. Levinson has written a great read." ---NELSON DEMILLE

Best-selling author of "By the Rivers of Babylon," "Plum Island," "Spencerville," "The General's Daughter," "The Gold Coast," The Charm School," "Word of Honor," "The Talbot Odyssey," "Cathedral."

"The gumshoe detective novel is not dead and gone. It lives, no thrives in Robert S. Levinson's The Elvis and Marilyn Affair. Full of action, intrigue and beautiful women, all wrapped in the bawdy mystique of Hollywood. Who could ask for more?" --CLIVE CUSSLER

Best-selling author of "Flood Tide," "Dirk Pitt Revealed," "Inca Gold," "Sahara," "Shock Wave," "Treasure," "Dragon," "Night Probe," "Vixen 03."

"It's a treat for movie buffs as ex-crime reporter Neil Gulliver gumshoes his way through Hollywood to save his soap opera sex queen ex-wife from a murder rap. Author Robert S. Levinson, a long time writer and producer, clearly loves killing industry types, and his enthusiasm for murder and mayhem is infectious. Bodies pile up. Secrets are revealed. Do Elvis and Marilyn hold the key? I'm not tellin'." ---PARNELL HALL

Author of the Stanley Hastings mystery novels, including "Scam," "Suspense," and "Trial."

"Robert S. Levinson's THE ELVIS AND MARILYN AFFAIR is a hoot of a book. Great fun. A quick, clever read. A throwback in tone to those giddy old forties detective films with a twist of the fifties and sixties on the side. The idea and the mixed flavors of time and place would carry this one alone, but Levinson's light hearted approach and clean style make it even better." ---JOE R. LANSDALE

Best-selling author of "Rumble Tumble," "Bad Chili," Mucho Mojo," "Two-Bear Mambo," "Cold in July."
"Reads like Raymond Chandler, with a touch of the Marx Brothers. This book is a lot of fun. Fast moving and sexy, Elvis and Marilyn will turn over in their graves ... and do." ---PETER LEFCOURT

Best-selling author of "The Deal," "The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story," "Di and I," "Abbreviating Ernie," and "The Woody."
"Move over, Elmore Leonard, we've got Levinson now, dazzling us with a ROMAN A CLEFHANGER that grabs you on Page One and refuses to let go until you've been taken on a taut, tense and terrific roller-coaster ride through Tinseltown in the days when tinsel was real tinsel, the dialogue biting, and love was filled with intrigue, murder and suspense. The denouement will stun you. This is a must read." ---ERNEST LEHMAN

Author of "Sweet Smell of Success and Academy Award-winning screenwriter of films including "North by Northwest," "Somebody Up There Likes Me," "Sabrina," "Executive Suite," "From the Terrace," "West Side Story," "The Prize," "Hello, Dolly," "Black Sunday," "Portnoy's Complaint," "Family Plot," "The Sound of Music" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf."

"It's a novel that becomes increasingly impossible to put down...One surprise after another as Levinson convincingly weaves truth from make-believe--or is it make- believe from the truth?--turning a secret love affair between Elvis and Marilyn into a fresh Hollywood legend and a major fun fest for mystery thriller fans and show biz buffs alike..." ---JOHN AUSTIN

Internationally-syndicated Hollywood columnist and best-selling author of "Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries."

"Levinson has a keen knowledge of Hollywood machinations past and present, and this glamorous, treacherous story unfolds with exciting, unpredictable twists that build to a pop culture coup of incredible Proportions. A real thrill-ride that I couldn't put down!" ---ARNOLD KOPELSON

Producer of "The Fugitive," "A Perfect Murder," "The Devil's Advocate," "Mad City," "Eraser," "Murder at 1600," "Seven," "Falling Down," the Academy Award-winning "Platoon."